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Property Management

Property Management  

Property Management We can provide you with a full property management service for apartments on Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort. Key holding facility includes fortnightly checks of the property. All utilities tested. Feed back to the owner after each visit. 
Key Holding £160 Departure Cleaning €55 Meet & Greet €15
Cleaning We can also arrange for the cleaning of your apartment after departures. The apartment will be cleared of all perishable items, and cleaning will be done the day prior to arrival so your apartment is as clean as can possible be on arrival.
Meet and greet We offer a meet and greet service. All clients should phone when they are setting off from the airport to let us know they are on their way.
Key safe service. For regular visitors we also offer a free key retrieval service from our secure key safe. The key safe is attached the communal door with a 4 digit code of your choosing.
Holiday Rentals We offer a full rental or sales web site for owners…